From design to jacket

Working hands: from design to manufacture

Handmade leather jackets are the result of a perfect contamination of art. They are born from the creative flair of hands that design and come to life from the hands of the best craftsmen in Solofra’s Tanning District. The working hands are the architects of our success, since every Enjoy Italia branded jacket is handmade.

We select the best certified leathers, rely on the most experienced craftsmen and let ourselves be inspired by the made in Italy style to create collections that alternate between evergreen models and trendy garments. The distinguishing feature of our leather jackets is the quality that must first be caressed with the eyes and then felt on.



Genuine handcrafted leather is beautiful and sustainable

We have very high quality standards to meet. We select the best materials because we believe that only the softest and finest leathers can guarantee a durable and timeless jacket. Our jackets have an extra edge because, in addition to being 100% made in Italy, they are environmentally friendly. We have indeed chosen leather as the material of preference for our collections, because it is destined to last forever and is circular.

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