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Enjoy Italia’s craftsmen

When craftsmanship combines with love for work, a unique and inimitable brand cannot but be born. Enjoy Italia is a completely Italian brand that combines the experience of our craftsmen and their passion for leather with a keen eye for the latest trends.

Our company was founded in Solofra, where the ancient tanning tradition has deep roots, both in the territory and in its people. As the third industrial centre for leather processing in Italy, it represents a true Italian excellence in sheep and goat leather production.

And right in this town, where you can breathe in the love for leather and craftsmanship, many years ago, the Esposito family decided to set up a tailoring workshop specializing in the production of handmade leather jackets, furs and accessories.

In 2005, that artisan workshop – a true expression of Italian creativity and craftsmanship - under the leadership of Creative Director Carlo Esposito became a leather clothing brand appreciated worldwide. In 2018, Enjoy Italia gave birth to a new line of outerwear, under the brand KV Milano Exclusive Collection. A collection characterized by trendy leather jackets capable of inspiring outfits that tell the true essence of Made in Italy.

Today, Enjoy Italia's leather jackets are sold in the boutiques of the major Italian cities and around the world. Become a retailer of our outerwear too, contact one of our account managers now.

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Solofra’s workshop

In our historic workshop in Solofra, you can breathe in the scent of genuine Italian leather, admire hands at work and listen to stories about leather tanning. Our workshop is located in the heart of Solofra’s Tanning District, where leather processing is a true art and craftsmanship reigns supreme. Come and visit our workshop to see for yourself the quality of our genuine leather and fur collections!

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